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Oxycodone is an opioid painkiller. It only should be used in moderate to severe pain and when pain goes higher than normal. Before taking this medicine it relieves till 24 hours from pain. After 24 hours its impact seems over. It should not be used on a daily basis for pain relief. Taking more than recommended could be a cause of death and it also could become a habit. 

How to take Oxycodone?

We can take oxycodone with or without food. But if you are suffering from any other serious disease in that condition you should take advice from your doctor because in some situations it could be harmful for us and it also can create a bad condition for patients. But if the patient is suffering from extreme pain or he/she doesn’t have any other serious disease in that situation, the patient can take this medicine without taking food for quick response. Instead of this if you are suffering from nausea then you should take this medicine with food. In the case of nausea it is said that oxycodone gives relief after taking food. This is how to take oxycodone. 

Before taking Oxycodone

There are some considerations which we should take in our mind before taking oxycodone:

1. If you are suffering from any breathing disease then you should not take this medicine. 

2. If your liver is very weak and does not digest food or other heavy products properly then you should avoid oxycodone.

3. You also should avoid this medicine if you are using any other medicine it can leave a bad impact on you body.

4. You should take care about your age because it should be used only for adults not for any age group. 

5. If someone is pregnant and using this medicine could be harmful for baby’s health.

6. You don’t have to take any product which has alcohol.

7. You don’t have to take an overdose of this drug. If you take it over it could be the cause of death or any other serious problem.

8. Before taking this medicine you always should firstly take advice from the doctor.

Oxycodone Side Effects

How it’s relief from pain quick as same there also are some side effects of oxycodone like :-

  1. Dizziness
  2. Urine Bleeding
  3. Vomiting
  4. Body weakness
  5. Driness
  6. Eyes Ace
  7. Laziness
  8. Blood pressure
  9. Bones Weakness
  10. Depression
  11. High Sweating
  12. Dark spots
  13. Losing strength
  14. Losing conscious
  15. Trembling of hands
  16. Heavy eyes
  17. Insomnia
  18. Itching on face
  19. Swelling of eyes
  20. Dizzy feeling
  21. Hunger
  22. Fast breathing
  23. Fast heart beating


Your primary care physician might begin you on a brought down portion or an alternate dosing plan. This can assist with holding levels of this medication back from developing a lot in your body. 

Grown-up measurements (ages 18–64 years) 

Ordinary beginning measurement: If you haven’t been treated with narcotic meds previously, your beginning dose ought to be 10 mg required at regular intervals. 

Measurements increments: Based on your body’s reaction to the medication, your primary care physician will choose what dose is ideal for you. 

Youngster measurements (ages 11–17 years) 

Oxycodone broadened discharge tablets must be utilized for specific youngsters in this age range. These are kids who have taken and endured narcotic drugs for something like five days straight. Your kid’s PCP will decide their measurement dependent on the narcotic medication your kid had effectively taken. 

Kids dose (ages 0–10 years) 

It hasn’t been affirmed that this medication is protected and compelling for use in kids more youthful than 11 years. 

For over 65 years

The kidneys of more seasoned grown-ups may not function just as they used to. This can make your body interaction sedates all the more leisurely. Subsequently, a higher measure of a medication stays in your body for a more extended time frame. This raises your danger of incidental effects. 

Your PCP might begin you on a brought down portion or an alternate dosing plan. This can assist with holding levels of this medication back from developing a lot in your body.